Thursday, 12 May 2016



Instead of not caring for our earths water resources we should take the responsibility to change how much water farmers and gardeners so we can save water for future generations.

If we don't take action now:
Our water resources will run dry and we will no longer have access to freshwater

If we take time and take responsibility now:
Future generations will comfortably use water everyday not having to worry about the earths water resources running dry.

So if you think or know you are wasting too much water or even if you want to help farmers or gardeners conserve water, listen to and read my posts, information,Tips and facts .

Source of resources

Most of my resources were from the environmental website WWF (world wide fund). Other resources of information came from my prior knowledge from previous years such as last year I did My whole year inquiry on 'how are our actions affecting our earths future' the report I wrote included information about water wastage.Some of the information I gathered was from me or my sister who helped research a bit she helped me get going and gave any information about water wastage.

WWF Website Link:

If you know of any other really good environmental websites write in comments below. If you contributed thank you.

What can we do..?

What am I doing?
- making a blog/website
- raising an awareness
- saving water on my farm at home

What you do?
(These only apply to farmers, gardeners and lifestyle block owners.)
- use the most efficient ways to use your water
- water crops/flowers with right amount of water they need
- fix leaky irrigation systems
- minimise the amount of water you waste on cattle and crops

What I plan to achieve....

At the end of my inquiry action I plan to have raised an awareness of agricultural water wastage.
But also hope to carry on through out the year and maybe a bit of next year as well.If all works well I hope to have influenced farmers, lifestyle block owners and gardeners to use the most/more efficient ways to use their water.



Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What is agricultural water wastage?

Agricultural water wastage is when farmers, lifestyle owners, gardeners and cattle owners use more water than nesccesary this can be caused by:
- Leaky irrigation systems.
- Farmers choosing crops that need more water then they                                                                                      can provide.
- Or farmers don't care how much water they use and waste too much.

At the moment people have taken advantage of the water resources and haven't yet thought about our world without water, therefore water is used carelessly.
as well as a lot of other subjects people have different perspectives around this issue:
-Some people think the water resources won't be expiring soon, so don't care to find more efficient ways to use water

 -Others take the time to find the efficient ways to save water and encourage other farmers too.

-While others talk about wasting too much water and say that farmer should conserve more water but never take action themselves.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My Environmental Issue

The environmental issue I identified was Agricultural Water Wastage I found this a  issue as our earths water resources are are almost at it's expiry date, and felt that if farmers and gardeners knew what they could do to help save and protect our earths water supplies they would take action like I am doing. So over the up coming weeks I will be posting tips, facts, information and other goods I discover along the journey of my action.